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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

this is one of my favorite things to have midday. a tuna sandwich. Most kids hate the 'nasty' smell of tuna fish. I'm pretty positive that as a kid I didn't mind the time when my nose told me mom was making tuna for lunch. I know, I'm a strange little foodie.

I'm not sure who taught us the 'special ingredient' for a wicked awesome tuna sandwich. Must have been one of my parents, although neither of them knows where it originated either. All I know that a tuna sandwich isn't a tuna sandwich without it.

That special ingredient is lemon-pepper. Ever heard of it? It was a staple in my home growing up, and always donned a blue cap. Can't find it at your local market? Make your own! Here's how.

So here's how I make tuna, really it's more of a tuna salad rather than just tuna. But either way it's so good. It's too bad I can only have half a can once a week. Sometimes I'd just make the tuna, then eat it with crackers. Then I'd get carried away and eat the entire can without saving any for hub. poor thing. Stick with the bread, you'll eat less.

my family's tuna sandwich

tuna fish
dallop of mayo {or for my sister, that other stuff - miracle whip}
lemon pepper
a dash of mrs. dash {optional}
chopped celery, cucumber, pickles, and onion
tomato slices
avocado slices
freshly cleaned lettuce
2 slices of your favorite bread {or one if you like it open-face}

Combine tuna, mayo, seasonings, and chopped veggies until well incorporated.

Lightly toast your bread slices, top with tuna, tomato and avocado slices and lettuce. enjoy.

{... you can also use a lil' mustard, hummus or avocado instead of mayo. - thanks boo
... we also like it on crackers although there is a warning that goes with that (see above), in a croissant, mixed with greens, or alongside a baked potato; who knew it was so versatile hmmm?}

isn't lunch fun?


  1. I am going to try the lemon pepper for lunch on my tuna sammy! I haved always loved tuna, too...I just can't make it when cody is home...he would gag!

  2. Score I get TWO references!! I just ate wanton soup for lunch. Would've gone WONDERFULLY with that tuna sammich!!

    I can't believe you let go of the family secret! Hahaha! Although I went to college and found out it wasn't that big of a secret. People use it in their eggs all the time. But no one used it in tuna like I did. I felt spesh. All well. I guess sharing is caring!! Maybe now Great Harvest will start putting some L/P in their sammiches!! Oh that WOULD be amazing!