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The good thing about pregnancy, and having the ability and desire to cook/bake/can/etc. is that when a craving comes (that's not too unnecessary) you can fulfill it. right away.

Last week I made biscuits (story to come) along with a strawberry dessert that was -of course- delicious. On leftover night Hub mentioned his longing for some of our good friend's strawberry jam to dallop on top. That started a craving of my own, and considering my first attempt at making strawberry freezer jam years ago was a bust, I decided to do it again. I bought three little crates of strawberries from the market, a box of pectin, and whipped up one and a half batches of the jam within an hour. We were in strawberry and biscuit heaven.

As we ate our buttered biscuits and jam, hub showed me highlights of Zoolander. I know it's beside the point, but I thought it was entertaining. Since then we've had jam at least once everyday; and it never gets old. I'm so grateful strawberries are starting their season, and that they're a healthy craving worth satisfying.

- a defrosting jar

quick n' easy strawberry freezer jam
*I one and a halved this recipe because I had half a bag of pectin leftover from ??

4 cups mashed (or blended) strawberries
2 cups sugar
1 box surejell fruit pectin - with the pink box (this kind)
1 cup water

Blend or mash the strawberries until you have 4 cups worth.

Mix the water, pectin, and sugar in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Let it boil for at least a minute, continually stirring/whisking. Make sure the pectin and sugar are completely dissolved.

Add the strawberries and mix well.

While it's still hot, ladle the jam into jars that have been cleaned with boiling water and are still hot (we rinsed them with blistering hot tap water, that was enough). Be sure to leave a half inch at the top of the jar - the jam will expand in the freezer and needs the extra head space. Seal and let stand at room temperature for a day and then store in the freezer (1 year) or refrigerator (3 weeks).

** You can buy Ball plastic freezer jars for a reasonable price at your local grocer or online; they're awesome.

I do hope you try this. It was incredibly easy and worth it if you have room in your freezer. Although I doubt the room we made for all our jam will be needed for long. We've already finished off two jars. :D

And here's a lil' extra something strawberry (last evening's snack/dessert)

strawberry banana smoothies:

1-2 cups strawberries
2 large frozen bananas
1/4 cup plain yoghurt
a lil bit of milk, if it gets too thick

blend and enjoy!


  1. So glad you posted this recipe - it's one of my favorites from my childhood and now I can try to make it myself. About how many jars does the recipe yield? Thanks!

  2. I hope you enjoy it, I know we have been! I made one and a half of the recipe and we kind of used jars that we had lying under the bed (where our food storage is:), so although most were, not all of them were the same size.

    But, it filled about 10 8oz. jars and a larger jar that was maybe a 12oz. jar? So I'm guessing if you do the recipe I gave without adding more you'll be able to fill about 8 8oz. jars? I'd have a couple extra jars around though, just in case.

    Hope that helps, sorry I'm no mathematician! :)

  3. i'm a welch's grape jelly kinda girl. and how would these travel? i suppose if i were to make these, i'd want to share it because there is no way i'd consume myself.

    so glad you're bloggin again.

  4. if you made them to travel, you'd have to be sure to can them right. Having the lids and jars (glass) in boiling water right before you fill them, then process them for a little bit (boil again sealed). I would also do the jam recipe you cook that comes on the pectin box. Although I did make concord grape jam last fall and just kind of did my own recipe (grapes juice & sugar), and made sure to process them well. Either way, it's do-able. I googled it all & how to do it.

    google rocks.