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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

I've been neglectful.

Absolutely ghostly really. I have haunted my own blog for the past few months, to see if I've posted anything new. Nothing, of course. Although, there is very good reason for it all. A reason I've prayed for, for quite a long time. A reason that, although I thought about it, wished it, and dreamed about it so often, I don't really think I knew what it exactly entailed.

I'm expecting.

I'm finished with the first trimester, and although it was much better than other trimesters I've heard about, I was completely unmotivated to cook anything and spent very little time in my beloved kitchen. I'm counting my blessings though, I've cringed at a few first tri horror stories. It's interesting though, I think I'd rather have the slight nausea to talk myself through than the splitting headaches I've been having as of late. Is this normal? every single day?

Anyway, I've made something. Quite a few things actually. Since hub and I got back from our Christmas vacation, I've felt more alive and much more comfortable in the kitchen. Bless my poor husband who lived off of white bread pb sandwiches, ramen noodles, and totino's cheese pizzas from november to the beginning of december (although there was that one day when it snowed...) It's a good thing his mom took care of us during our holiday visit or else I think he may have been Morgan Spurlock's supporting actor in super size me 2: home foods edition.

Alright, now I'm just being silly, but really hub has been wonderful through it all. Willing to eat anything because I wanted nothing. And now making sure I get my daily nap and full servings of veggies and fruit since I missed out on quite a bit.

So, on to my latest baked good. It's one of hub's favorite and I've yet to find a recipe that's my absolute favorite. This one is from Betty Crocker. It's a little egg-y but I added more lemon juice for flavor and doubled the egg portion as my stoneware was a bit larger than I originally anticipated. I loved the subtlety of the lemon but again, thought it was just a little too much egg taste. Maybe more lemon?

lemon bars
slightly adapted from betty crocker

1 cup flour
½ cup butter
¼ cup powdered sugar

lemon custard:
2 cups sugar
6 Tablespoons lemon juice
1 ½ teaspoons vanilla
1 teaspoon baking powder
½ teaspoon salt
4 large eggs

Preheat oven to 350°F. Mix flour butter and sugar. Press into 11 inch pie plate/stoneware, it will just cover the bottom. Bake for 20 minutes.

While it’s in the oven, mix the sugar, lemon juice, vanilla, baking powder, salt and eggs together until fluffy and the sugar is dissolved. Pour over hot crust.

Bake for about a half hour, until it gets to the point of stability. When you slightly press the center, it should hold its shape well enough.

Be sure if it begins to get to the brown color you want, tent it with foil to assure it doesn’t burn - about halfway through. Let it cool in the pan, on a rack for at least an hour before serving.

Let me know if you have another version of these I should try. I’m up for suggestions!

oh, and if you're in the least bit curious, here's the ultrasound of our little tyke right before Christmas. Of course if you're offended by seeing my insides in blurry black and white, beware.

by the way, Zupas is having a recipe contest. click here for more info.

one last thing - thanks Andrea, for the lovely note; just what I needed to get back :)


  1. Congratulations!!! :) How exciting!!!

  2. Congratulations - this is such an exciting period of ones life...lemon bars look good too!

  3. Oh me oh my!! Congratulations my friend. I'm so glad you are back and have such exciting news to share. Headaches are so normal, I'm so excited for you and your man. You'll be a great mama!

  4. Congratulations! And I love lemon bars - out of this world!

  5. Jen -- i've been thinking about you, wondering where you were! and then i got to thinking that just maybe... you were expecting. i am so very happy for you! congrats mommy to be.

  6. I think I have all the ingredients! It will be difficult to choose between this and a buttermilk pumpkin bundt cake!

  7. Congratulations!! I've been going through the same for the last 9 months, so I totally feel for you. And my husband, who has also lived off of a very similar menu as your husband's, knows what your husband feels like!

  8. Congratulations on your fabulous news! Now I for sure forgive you for leaving for so long ;-) But I'm glad to have you back!! Oh, and way to start out with a bang: beautiful lemon bars!

  9. looks super yummy! Congratulations again!! :)

  10. Congrats! Excellent news. I'm expecting as well and I'm almost done with my 2nd trimester. This is my 3rd and I'm still not used to it, everyone is so different. Good luck with everything and the lemon bars look delicious!