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happy chinese new year!

However you celebrate it, it doesn't matter; just party!
Hub and I will be having leftovers from our New Years bash with my family last night. Although I do wish I would have been home on friday for the party my sister threw, they had karaoke and firecrackers, but what can ya do. I was out with my mom looking at cribs instead. :) Maybe tonight we'll watch a chinese movie, we do have a copy of the red cliffs that my father gave me, or I'll read "monkey go west" aka Journey to the West. Either way, we'll be celebrating. After all, it is my year.

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I've been neglectful.

Absolutely ghostly really. I have haunted my own blog for the past few months, to see if I've posted anything new. Nothing, of course. Although, there is very good reason for it all. A reason I've prayed for, for quite a long time. A reason that, although I thought about it, wished it, and dreamed about it so often, I don't really think I knew what it exactly entailed.

I'm expecting.

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