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I might be last minute, but I did it.

my method: I almost didn't do this challenge. I know it may be strange for me to admit, but by the end of november, hub and I were officially 'squashed out'. This recipe was originally supposed to be made with lots of squash, but to be honest, if I would have made it with squash I think it would have gone to complete waste. How horrible would that have been? So I used two cans of diced tomatoes instead and it was delicious. I also halved the stock recipe, added my dad's 'secret ingredient', only used a third of what was called for in the mirepoix and didn't blend anything up, I love the chunky yummies. i also love saying this, mirepoix...

reasons i loved this challenge: I've always wanted to make my own stock, but thought it was too difficult and seemed a bit 'too much from scratch'. Like the next step would be to actually grow everything, which may happen someday, I hope.

will i make it again? it's possible, but probably not anytime soon. Although now I have a whole tub of miso to use up; that stuff wasn't cheap either. I do want to try the 'miso soup' sometime.

what would i do differently: I would want to try the stock again, because mine turned out watery and with almost no taste. I think I might quadruple the amount of veggies in it next time.

my favorite part: finding a new soup I enjoy; soup is my favorite. I also now have a favorite veggie, the leek. This was my first time buying, cleaning, preparing and eating one. It was wonderful. I will be using them again, most definitely.

click it to see the way it was supposed to be done. :)

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And I have to admit, I've been feeling a bit uninspired as far as photography goes lately... any tips?


  1. I almost wish I had left over mirepoix to make veggie soup with, Heck if i had had a little bit more I would have been eating it straight it was very good.

    clever idea to use the tomatoes I bet it was great

  2. Now this is a soup I could go for... even in this darn humid weather!

  3. Your tomato variation on the squash soup sounds great. Hopefully you'll be able to make it with the squash (once your tastebuds have rested from it), cuz it was great. I am going to try your tomato version too, yum.