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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

Have you ever eaten a buttercup squash? There are numerous types of squash out there, and hub and i were delighted to find this type. This year was the first time we've had buttercup squash, and it's rich, velvety texture is what made hub ask for it over and over again. Instead of always making it the same old way, cubed, drizzled with oil, and roasted with salt and pepper; I decided to make it another way that I knew I would love; in a risotto.

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i've been awfully elusive as of late, i'm sorry.
i think it goes for anyone that after you've had a month or more of an abundance, then comes the famine. hopefully right after that a feast follows close behind...

until then, here are a couple food porn photos to tie you over until i return, and of course look forward to the accompanying recipes. :)

{buttercup squash risotto}

{baked brown sugar plantains}

"it's not as good as your mushroom soup."

Since the weather has cooled down sufficiently, and permanently, we've been having soup as often as I can make it. Each time, I ask my love what he thinks of the soup. Usually I'll either get widened eyes and a smile while he's simultaneously stuffing another spoonful into his mouth, a barely audible grunt of satisfaction, or a simple 'it's good'; just depends.

However, with the past few soups I've made (which have been new recipes) he's given me the opening phrase as his only critique.

I ask him if he'd rather have onion soup or borscht, he says, 'mushroom'.

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{as seen on café zupas blog}

If you love this fungus fresh, you'll never stop sauteing them once you start. Sauteing mushrooms is easy, and well worth the time put into them (it takes about 20 minutes). They're a delicious accompaniment to an entrée, tossed with a salad, added to a soup or sauce, or savored one by one purely by itself.

How do you like your mushrooms?

really, I want to know.

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