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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

So a few weeks ago I went to Williams-Sonoma for a cookie demonstration. It was so fun, and if you recall, I flooded a cookie for the first time.
Right after the class I drove over to the Bosch Kitchen Center in Orem. Usually when I want something I'll go there first. If they don't have what I'm looking for I'll get it at Williams-Sonoma.

As I was checking out, the girl at the counter mentioned they were looking for someone to teach their Holiday Cookies class sometime in November. I hesitated, then volunteered myself if they couldn't find anyone. Later that week I got a call from them.

I was nervous and surprised because the class wasn't actually in November, but that very weekend and it was more of a demonstration than an actual class. I called them back, told them I would teach it, then called hub to tell him the good news. A day or so later a friend come over to help me think of ideas. She thought she didn't help much, but she really did; thanks Reese.

The day before the class I spent my afternoon in the Bosch kitchen prepping and baking so there would be samples and such for everyone to try. I didn't really know how many people to expect, they said to plan on about 5 to 10 to maybe even fifteen. I was there for about 4 hours, but it was worth it, I felt ready. While I was baking, an elderly man came up to me baking in my red Williams-Sonoma apron and asked, "Who are you working for anyway?" I planned to wear one of their aprons for the demonstration the next day.

My confidence was further buoyed by knowing that my sister would be coming to the class. Although I was too terrified to tell anyone about it, I still told my entire family. Or rather, I told one of my sisters and everyone knew within the hour. :)

The actual demonstration went very well. I wanted to focus on different types of cookies showing tricks and sharing tips I've accumulated over the years, not that I have very many. It really just became a hodge-podge of everything about cookies. Apparently I knew more than I thought because I was confident with every question asked. Or at least, I had my own opinion and idea of what the answer was. My sister Boo even said she was surprised how much I knew.

Here are the recipes I demonstrated -

rolled cookie: sugar

the recipe I included on the handout was from allrecipes.com; it's a great recipe that's practically a never fail. Another that I love is from my Holiday cookbook from W-S. Someday it'll be on here, I'm sure.

dropped cookie: Martha's mini pumpkin whoopie pies

I love the history behind this little cookie. Apparently when young Amish children found these lovely cakes in their lunches they would cry out, "whoopie!"

This was also the cookie of the month for the cookie carnival. Whad'ya know, of course it was a hit.

Here's a tip: when you're "dropping" these use a #50 cookie/ice cream scooper (the size # is on the release bar). When the dough starts to stick, dip the scooper in a little cup of water. It's a lot better than using oil to keep it non-stick.

bar cookie: baklava

I wanted to do this because it seems such a daunting and scary delicacy to make. It's really very simple and so fun to make and eat. goodness it's fun to eat.

tip: make sure to use a bristle pastry brush, not those silicone basting brushes. The butter is evenly dispersed with the bristle pastry brush which is crucial for the phyllo layers. Which reminds me; I think I left mine there. hmm...

sorry this one is a bit blurry.

click here to download the recipe handout.

The best comment that I received, was every single one of them. The one I was sure to take home to hub was when a lady told me I was 'very organized'. hub is incredibly tidy and verging on ocd in the organization department, whereas I'm a bit lacking. I even have "jenny piles". So I was happy to receive a compliment for my organization that hub would be proud of.

Teaching the class was so fun. The Bosch center was so accommodating and the people who work there are very kind. They even gave me a complimentary apron, I love it.

The use of a fabulous kitchen, a sous chef (thanks so much Justine:), free supplies, a paycheck, a great new apron and raised confidence. What could be better?

Afterward hub and I were the subject of some photos my sister was taking for her portfolio, she even took a new profile picture for me, see? Later that evening we went on a hot date where we utilized our creative abilities to make fabulous soup bowls with friends we adore.

We had a great weekend.

thanks boo.


  1. How neat! You are one brave lady! I would have needed weeks to prep for something like that! Your cookies are awesome!

    (Southen Utah feels so out of touch with the world sometimes! I wish that we had a Williams-Sonoma here!)

  2. Jenny! It looks like everything turned out fantastic! I think maybe you should start your own cooking show...what do you think? I am very glad you did it and that you had fun!

  3. That is such a great experience! I walked in W&S the other day and there was a lady baking pumkin bread who gave a sample - I thought it was fab! Could have been you!!

  4. Holy cow! That is amazing! I am so proud of you. I am sure that you were super organized. I was prodding to know when the class was so you would invite me, now I know that would have made you nervous, so I forgive you! Ha! Everything looks great.
    I have an apple comp. so I can't download the recipes. Can you email them to me at chelseawinterholler at yahoo dot com? Thanks!

  5. How cool is that?? Wish I could have been there, your cookies look amazing! I love them, seriously, you're so talented!

  6. OMG! You are so talented. This blog totally makes me want to cook...probably because it makes me hungry.

  7. What an opportunity you had. How cool is that? I would love to do it too but would be super nervous.

  8. I want to know how much you got paid?! That is so awesome, I wish I had the nerve to do that....you da bomb!

  9. Great job! The recipes look fabulous and I am sure you did an amazing job. I wish I could of been in the class!

  10. Jenny!! Thanks so much for the link. I'm truly in love with your blog. I'll dream of it, stalk it and one day want to marry it.

  11. Wow! You ARE brave and must be extremely organized and creative to pull something off so quickly! It looks AWESOME and sounds like you had a great time! Love the photography.

  12. Hooray for you! How fun! I wouldn't have the guts I don't think. I never even thought of checking our Bosch store for other stuff. Thanks for the tip!

  13. thank you all for your sweet words,

    lori emily & holly - I'm sure given the challenge, you'd all rise to the occasion and pass with flying colors ;)