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While reading Natalie's latest post on Hot Garlic, I was struck with a memory of my father and childhood.

One evening, while all 5 of us L siblings (I have two older brothers and two younger sisters) were watching some insignificant television show or movie, our father (baba) came home from work. He walked into the kitchen, then walked back into the living room and this is what ensued.

baba: Hey! Who cut the cheese!?
the sibs: {laughing and peeling our confused expressions from the television} What are you talking about?
baba: Hey, this is not funny. Whoever cut the cheese get in here right now! (pointing to the kitchen)
the sibs: {still laughing, even more hysterically and looking toward our now confused father} Dad! Do you know what 'cut the cheese' means?
baba: Seriously, this is not a joke, whoever cut the cheese get in here right now and clean it up!

As we all walked into the kitchen, we saw it. Someone had grated a carrot and left the peelings in the kitchen sink. We had to explain to my father why we were all laughing so hard, it took a while since we could barely breathe. He ended up laughing with us. I can't remember who cleaned it up in the end, but now we smile every time we have to grate a carrot.

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  1. can i just say i love that saying? because i'm immature as hell! when i worked at a bagel shop in college, i brought a customer their bagel and told them i was going to be in the back if they need anything else... my words were: "if you need anything else, i'll be out back cutting the cheese!" in which case, right after saying that, i laughed my ass off.

  2. That sounds like something that would have happened at my house, except my dad would have been the one on the inside of that joke. Or the one who did it.

  3. Thanks for the shoutout, glad I could bring up great family memories while not even intending to!