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what kind of pizza would you be?

I'm not sure what kind of pizza I would be but whatever kind I am, I hope I'd be delicious. Most all pizzas are yummy.

We love pizza, and there's really only one way we have it. Fresh tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella with some homemade infused oils. We'd been trying various doughs, and I think we've finally found our favorite pizza dough to accompany our favorite pizza toppings.

This month's daring bakers challenge was hosted by Rosa, and she did a wonderful job as a host considering the tragic turn of events. One of the co-hosts, Sher from 'What did you eat?', passed away from a sudden heart attack, and Glenna from 'A fridge full of food' decided to stop db for personal reasons. So Rosa faced hosting alone, and rose to the challenge. She chose pizza dough as a tribute to Sher, and it was a wonderful one at that. To read more about what happened and the recipe, visit Rosa's post here.

So here was 'the challenge'.

You have to use the tossing method (as explained below) for at least 2 Pizza Crusts. If you are not comfortable with it, then you can switch to the rolling method, but you HAVE to try the traditional method and exercise it, using at least two dough pieces. You should also capture the moment by either filming or photographing yourself while tossing the dough.

Although I had no way of taking my own photo while simultaneously tossing pizza dough into the air, with a witch's hat luminary, a plastic spider, and a ten second photo timer, I figured it out and succeeded after a handful of tries. Call me MacGruber.

How we do:
It took me less than twenty minutes to measure out the ingredients and have them either in the refrigerator or freezer. Then I was off to bed.

The sauce I used was an oil. It's simple, really. all my favorite spices, etc. steeping in oil for an hour or so; simple, no?


Reasons I loved this challenge:
I love the fact that this recipe is a make ahead, and in a large amount. One reason we don't have pizza everyday is because I like to use the recipes where the ingredients really meld together; meaning it takes hours and I have to plan ahead. This recipe is exactly that, and although you have to plan ahead in days, somehow it's easier; and you have six pieces of dough instead of only one. It's wonderful. We have one in the fridge waiting to be used tonight.

I had never really tried tossing pizza dough, I always opted for the rolling method. I also used different doughs so they'd continually break apart when I tried. This dough didn't break, but did get very very thin.

let's try that again...

Will I make it again?
I was thinking of giving a dough ball to the neighbors... is that strange?


What I would do differently:
I guess we could try different toppings and sauces, but we don't.
Maybe I'll try flavoring the dough somehow.

My favorite part:
the compliments hub gives me consisting of 'mmmm...', 'this is so good', 'can I have another piece, or four?' and burps.

our flavored pizza oil

a few garlic cloves, crushed
a chipotle pepper, dried and broken up
dried red pepper, crushed
a bay leaf
fresh basil, chopped

olive oil

mix the ingredients in a bowl, let them steep for an hour or so, then use immediately. If you don't use it all, be sure to refrigerate the oil as the water contents in the garlic will cause bacteria to grow unless refrigerated.

Don't keep this for longer than a week.

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  1. I love your toss picture. I, also, love the idea of flavored oils. They are highly underrated and underused. Great job.

  2. You are my tossing hero!! Great job and your pizza looks super yummy! I'll be your neighbor.

  3. You truly are the McGroober of all chiefs. I love a blog with a good SNL reference.

  4. Love the pictures, and the flavored oil! I need to make some of that!

  5. jen -
    you're like superwoman. kneading, doughing, pizza-ing, tossing AND taking pix all at once.

    i don't think it's odd that you'd like to give dough to your neighbors. however, if i were your neighbor, i'd rather you'd just make the entire pizza for me: kneading, doughing, pizza-ing, tossing AND taking pix all at once.

  6. Your photos are really nice, and your pizza looks so great and healthy. I love the colors, too.
    Nice work!

  7. That was a Grade A pizzaiolo pizza toss! Congratulations! Love your post!

  8. thanks everyone!

    brooke - I'm happy you caught the reference. we love that macgruber. of course, I didn't blow up though... obviously.

    lan - good point ;)

  9. Great tossing picture! Such a yummy healthy pizza!

  10. great job on your pizza! I feel like such a loser not doing the challenge this month, its the first one I have missed! I see in that pic on your fridge you have a cougar Y...go cougars!

  11. Great toss picture!! Wonderful job!

  12. Oops, meant to say "Good job McGruber!"

  13. Whoa! Are you a pro-pizza tosser? :) great pics, bet the pizza was delicious.

  14. BEAUTIFUL photos...especially love the toss photo - so authentic!!...the pizza looks delicious, seriously, great job :)

  15. GREAT pic of you tossing the pizza dough--fabulous. And your finished pizza looks wonderful too. No wonder the hubby enjoyed it so much.

  16. What great pictures! Loved them! Great ideas the oils!

  17. Love it, love the pictures and the toss. First time on your blog. I will definitely be back for more. Glad to have found you!