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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

Thank you Emily. :)

The blogs I want to pass this on to are ones I love, admire, and read every day. Meaning, I check my reader everyday to see if they've got something new for me to drool over, covet, laugh at, or bookmark. Of course I'm subscribed to many more than just the sites listed. Seriously, it's on the verge of redunk; but just the verge, so we're good.

{angry asian creations}
Lan and I first "met" when I stumbled onto her blog, kitchen doorknobs. I was on that kick of joining tons of baking/cooking groups and thought I'd get in on their monthly challenges of cuisine. Then Recipes to Rival really took off and other things came into the picture, so I never really joined. However we kept corresponding and soon established a wonderful foodie friendship. Lan is truly a wonderful person, despite her blog's accusation, and she's incredibly talented with food, savory and sweet; and have you seen her talent with a crochet hook? I'm all shades of green.

{hot garlic}
It's such a small world. I'd been blog stalking this blog for a while, ever since she joined the Utah food bloggers' google group, the hive. when I finally came out of the shadows, we found that we had coincidentally close ties. Her sister lived with my best friend a semester before I moved in with her (we knew each other personally as well), her brother in law worked with my husband for a long time, and I love her food blog. I don't doubt she's already gotten about a gagillion of these little awards, Purple People Eatery gave her this one just recently; but I couldn't resist.
You deserve it Natalie.

{christy the writer}
She's incredibly witty; her posts are short, sweet, to the point, and make me smile. I look forward to her blurbs every single day.

{tiny happy}
I love that so much inspiration for this blog comes from nature. This blog comforts me and makes me breathe deeper while noticing new things around me. I love her photography and crafts.

{wise craft}
i love this blog for the same reasons I love tiny happy. I think they both blog about and show appreciation for the small, usually overlooked nuances of everyday that I love finding in my own little everyday. Blair inspires me in all my textural adventures. I've made tons of these...

{my happy little life}
I never had green onions and salt before this.
She's also inspired me to make my first quilt; thanks kelly mccaleb.

{artisan sweets}
I swear I've boookmarked so many recipes from here. First on my list, her marshmallows.

{cooking books}
I first linked to Andrea's site when she won my Pierre Herme giveaway. Ever since, I've been a subscribed reader and I can't get over her elegant recipes and wonderful photography. I can't believe she's working on her PhD and writing such a wonderful blog. Andrea, let's be friends.

{armelle blog}
I hadn't been introduced to Caroline's blog until I started writing for the cafe zupas blog; and of course, I'm hooked. I love her style of decor, photography, cooking, baking; everything.

{fife photography}
This husband and wife team are wonderfully gifted photographers. And when they take your pictures, they're not making those lame jokes in an attempt to make you smile. ahem. my wedding photographers...
Plus they're just amazing people.

can I do one more? I guess technically she doesn't really even need an award; everyone knows she's incredible. Often, I wish I was molly.

oh, and I think you're supposed to give to about 10 others, if you fancy.


  1. hey thanks! that is so sweet!
    i'm loving your blog too!

  2. Thanks Jen! Of course we should be friends. If I still lived in Colorado, I'd come to Utah and we'd ski ;-) I'm so very very flattered.

  3. Thanks Jen! I have had my share of awards, but like diamonds, a girl never can have too many!! And I'm actually really grateful that you gave it to me in spite of that fact, because it never gets old to be recognized for your efforts, which you know as a blogger are extreme!

    You totally deserve the excellent award, your blog truly is excellent and you have many years of blogging success ahead of you!

  4. Thank you so much. I was kind of having a bad day, then my blog wins an award and turns it around. I'm so glad you stop by and visit, thank you for being out there and reading.

  5. Jen, thank you so much. i am incredibly honored, you just don't know!

  6. Aw, Jen, I'm blushing! Really. Thank you so much.

  7. Congrats on the award!! Your blog is fantabulous!

  8. thank you! how sweet. i am enjoying reading through your blog, and am so inspired to cook! you rock! and if i was a pizza i'd have pesto sauce and triple cheese.