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Okay, I'm not going to lie, hub and I are major Harry Potter fans although I'm likely the more, how shall we put it, enthusiastic of the two. The whole idea of magic and a hidden world that's full of fantastical creatures and people; I'd love to go visit for a week or two, learn a few charms to make things go exactly my way, and hoard some fun candies and treats to trick everyone I know.

For the past few years hub and I have made it a halloween holiday tradition to have butterbeer on all hallow's eve. Unfortunately it's not an actual beverage, so we had to go to the nets to find a recipe. We've tried many different recipes, and usually try them all over again the next year for fun. Although by the third version our tummy's can't take anymore.

This year, I've decided to share the recipe we've created, with you. It's a little bit of every recipe we've ever tried. I love it with apple cider, and I think if we had ginger beer in the bubble, or the continental states, I'd die and go to butterbeer heaven.

note: we do have ginger beer round these parts. It isn't ting, but it does the job, warming the cockles of my heart.


1 pint (2 cups) cream soda or apple cider or ginger beer if you have it
1 cup vanilla ice cream, softened
2 Tablespoons butter
2 Tablespoons brown sugar
dash of cinnamon and nutmeg

Place cream soda or apple cider in a microwave safe mug, and heat on high for about 3 minutes, or until very hot. While it's heating, mix together the vanilla ice cream, butter, brown sugar and cinnamon.

When the soda is hot, pour into a blender, add ice cream mixture, and pulse on high for about 5 seconds. Pour into individual (warmed) mugs, and sprinkle a dash of nutmeg on top.

Enjoy with some fresh apple chips, or another munchie; maybe some ton-tongue toffee?

Bottoms up muggle!


  1. we picked up some ginger beer at Maceys the other day. It was Jamaican style? I'm not sure if you have a specific brand in mind that you like. Have you tried it? I'm still undecided on the taste.

  2. i profess that i didn't become an HP fan until last year and i completed the entire series in 3 months. i BAWLED reading the last beer. and for awhile, i would just point at things with my chopstick and scream out some nonsense word. nothing ever happened.

    thanks for this recipe, my bff and i will be making this! are there really sites devoted to recipes of foods from the books???

    ps. i've given you an award too. :) check it.

  3. i meant to say i bawled reading the last *BOOK.*

  4. Fun! We'll definitely have to try this.

  5. Lan - how similar we are... it's uncanny. Even ask hub, I was a mess of emotions reading the last book. I'd be laughing with blurry eyes from crying right before.
    hehe hub would kill me for saying this, but his bff whittled himself a wand out of a stick; it was fabulous. and I was jealous. :)

    Jamie - I'm heading over to macey's grocery store. right. now.

    oh and another warning to all, it's sweet stuff!

  6. Sweet Caroline! Jen I am all over your "butterbeer" recipe! My mom wanted to make pumpkin juice for halloween a couple of years ago . . . yeah didn't turn out that great! I love HP too!

    Have a Happy Halloween!

  7. yay butterbeer!!

    I was starting to think I'd have to wait to have butterbeer when The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened. Now I don't have to!

    Thanks for the recipe!!

  8. This sounds delightful, the perfect combination of sweet and creamy :)!

  9. I don't like cream soda, but I love apple cider. I think I'll try that. I too bawled reading the last book! Do you melt the butter first?

  10. diana - I personally like the apple cider best, my love likes the sweet of the cream soda. I'm an apple-y and cinnamon type person.

    as for the butter, I warm it up just enough so it's soft and spreadable, then mix it in quickly with the ice cream, which should also be slightly softened. the butter will firm up again because the ice cream is so cold, but because it was softer, it separates a little better and you don't have huge chunks of it floating in your mug. :) hope that helps.

  11. I found this post (your recipe) via Google yesterday and reposted your recipe and photograph and credited you. Here's the link: http://2muchtestosterone.blogspot.com/2010/06/wordless-wordful-wednesday-beer-adult_30.html

    Cannot wait to try it! YUM!!

  12. Bundaberg Gingerbeer is avaible at World Market, if you have one nearby...:)

  13. I just found you through Raw Melissa's Facebook page. I thought I would snoop around your cute blog and look at your recipes. Have you ever tried Reed's Extra Ginger Beer? It's sold here at Good Earth (American Fork, Orem, Provo) and it happens to be my favorite beverage of all time. :) Thought I would share in case you hadn't heard of it. I don't know if it is the same as what you are missing, but I love it. :)

  14. Universal Orlando has a HP themed area complete with Three Brooms and butterbeer. Their version is basically cream soda with a buttered merangue floated on top. Yours sounds WAY better, and I MUST make some since it's chilly up here in the north in November! I'm thinking of sipping mine while munching on a chocolate frog...

    1. such a compliment, thank you! That sounds like my kind of evening.