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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

taken by Anna.

Last week my best friend married her childhood crush. It was one of those stories that you read in romance novels. Not the cheap tactless kind that are so predictable and painfully cliche, but the ones where you know they were meant to be together because everything in their lives pointed to one another. A romance worthy of real life.

Fulfilling my role, I hosted her bridal shower and had such a fun time doing it. If you know Krissy-poo at all, you'd understand that any party with her around, especially a bridal shower, won't be traditional or prim and proper in any way. It wouldn't be one that you'd bring your granny to, unless she likes lingerie and lots of innuendos.

The invitations were little panties. I wish I'd have gotten a photo of them to show you; oh well.

One of our guests, an old roommate of ours, was diagnosed with Celiac disease about a year ago. I was sure that she's been to a number of parties and bridal showers where the hosts/hostesses..? hadn't thought a wink about who was coming, and whether they could enjoy what they took the time to prepare. I didn't want that to happen. I wanted her to feel comfortable, welcome, and I also wanted to see if anyone would notice that just about everything was gluten free. I don't think they did.

Here's the menu with accompanying links to the recipes.

Raspberry and Strawberry Spritzers
Special thanks to Shelley and Brooke for making this happen! :)

Toasted Baguette(non gluten) & GF bread slices with Pomodori al Forno, slices of fresh mozzarella and basil.

Hummus, on the side.

Mini Coconut Sponge Cakies

Mini Lemon Meringue Pies
I used a GF pie crust mix and this recipe for the filling and meringue.

I also made my own gluten free all purpose flour mix, so I could make both gluten filled and gluten free mini cakies of this delicious banana bread by Orangette; but when I baked them I forgot to add the most essential ingredient when baking gluten free goodies - xantham gum. They looked like little cow pies, but were still delicious. Hub nibbled them up real quick.

If you don't look like most banana breads do, I will still enjoy eating you.

All in all everything went really well, except that a number of people sat on the living room floor because we had no chairs, and my apartment is teeny. We talked, got acquainted, ate food, played a few games, and of course Krissy-poo got loads of fun sexy things. I was hoping the invitations would set a certain mood for the get together, they did their job.

I made her an apron and paired it with a pair of lacey panties. So when her hub comes home, and she's dressed in just those, he'll know what the appetizer is. ;)

I wanted to pair it with this cookbook... but I couldn't find it at any of the bookstores in our bubble of a valley. Apparently it's too provocative so they don't carry it anymore; I guess too many people complained about seeing it in the cookbook section. I thought that was funny.
They also said that it gets misplaced. a lot.

I even made the pattern myself! Hub was my model... don't tell him I told you that.

What is it about bridal showers that we think it's hilarious to make fun of people? :) Yes, that's a hair piece hooked onto the Rasta man dreds.

Here are a few pictures of when I was making the Pomodori al Forno. Seriously, you have to make this. It was amazing, no joke. Although a word of caution; don't eat a million alongside one too many lemon meringue tarts. That's bad news deep into the night. I'll spare you the gory details and leave you with yummy photos of oily and delicious tomatoes.

Don't you just love love?

thanks for being amazing with a lens Anna.

I have a bunch of things in my reserves that are sure to come. A book review, for one. Some yummy and oh so autumn soup recipes, a post about a prize I won, and boobs! Well, an event for our "little sisters". Come back soon, I will. I pinky promise.


  1. I am dying! He he he . . . I bet this was a bridal shower to remember! I love the apron! That is awesome that you remembered your friend like that and planned foods that she could eat!

  2. All of the food looked great! I love that you were so thoughtful about everything gluten free. So many people just aren't thoughtful like that...
    And that apron really is awesome!

  3. Boobs, Provocative-ness, you are all over the place in this post! The food looks delish and you definitely entertained me! Way to go!

  4. love love love the apron! too cute! and so creative of you to come up with the pattern.
    it was very thoughtful of you to make the food gluten-free for your friend.

    btw, your package is in the mail. you *should* receive it by Saturday. :)

  5. JEN -
    Those muffins were literally the best GF muffins I have EVER tasted! Thank you so much for thinking of me. You are right, bridal showers (which I attend WAY too many of), rarely present anything I can eat. I love you to pieces. Perhaps we should have GF baking nights?