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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

Me: so do you want banana or zucchini?
Hub: mmm... banana
Me: you're sure you don't want zucchini? Or both? I could make zucchini-banana bread!
Hub: nah, just banana, keep it simple.
Me: okay.

* I make the banana bread with my friend "Reese" while Girls Just Want To Have Fun is on in the background. After 30 minutes we start smelling aromatic lovin' from the oven. And then...

Me: oh my goodness!'
Reese: what is it?
Me: we forgot the BANANAS!

Apparently... banana wasn't simple enough either.
It doesn't help that we were distracted by the amazing dancing/clothing/music in that movie. I'm proud to have been born the same year it was released.


  1. How cute! My sister did this with pumpkin pie once . . . forgetting to add sugar!

  2. oops! At least you were having fun!! Did you try the bread? :)

  3. Emily - That's funny :) I bet that was interesting, how did it taste?

    Maria - We did try the bread! We actually ate half the loaf regardless of the missing main ingredient. :) It was eggy and had a slight bite of blandness; does that make sense? Anyway, obviously it was due to the lack of the banana sweeteness.

    It was edible, so we ate it!
    Waste not, want not. My favorite part was the hazelnuts. mmm...

  4. LOL!!! I have so done this! ;) You're not the only one! ;)
    It does taste pretty bland... thanks for sharing...