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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

Sesame noir

Every Saturday is my day to get errands done. Every so often I also get myself a little summin' summin'. This time instead of eating my treat as I was errand-ing, I waited until I got home and had it with one of my favorite things about summer.

Here's the spread:
my summer snack in the sun - 3 s's!
I made that bag. :) I was so proud, but it took me forever!

My transport system:
place for everything...

The other (visible) things in my bag are: photos I picked up from Costco, stamps, the book I'm currently reading, my wallet, an Arthur sticker book. I picked it up from work, the Boys & Girls Club (I don't teach dance as much during the summer). The things that aren't visible are... uninteresting.

I think I may try making these black sesame candies from scratch someday... must remember that for later. I got these from my favorite little Chinese store in the bubble, Chao's. It's run and owned by the same man for over 30 years! My dad used to shop there when he was living in P-town during his college days. Here's an article about the shop. I just love that Mr. Chao always greets me with a "Halloooo! How are yooou?" each time I shop there.

Oh, did anyone see that incredible relay the USA just won?! I love the Olympics, it's inspirational to see people achieving such unbelievable feats... while I sit on the couch cheering then bake and blog my life away. sigh.

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  1. Jenny its portia, hey i have a question did you take all the pictures for your food that you make? And second, you were talking about 'this months challenge' with cooking. Are you apart of a cooking group? I want to join cause i love cooking and i cook all the time! Anyways let me know!