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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

First of all, thanks to everyone who comes to check out this little food blog of mine. I'm not going to lie, I put lots of thought into it. I love it just that much, fanatical about it actually. :)

Anyway, I enjoy getting each of your comments and hope you enjoy what you find here!

I'm also really grateful for the love of my life, Hub, Aarny, AJ. He has been so great about me taking pictures of dinner/dessert/baked goods before I'll let anyone touch them. Plus he's the best taste tester ever.

On to business. For all you Arrested Development fans, our canine neighbor (who is not pictured) has a name; and that name is Buster. You'd think, given the name, he'd be a bit more elusive.. like a true Milford Man. Anyway, apparently the barking has become a bit more noticeable within the past weeks... we will survive.

Lan, send me your addy via e-mail so I can send out your parcel. You obviously have a fabulous sense of humor :)

You're da' wiener!

Winter Flamingo - I got the cookie cutter at an antique store I have to visit at least once a month, just to walk around. :) I love their buttons.
Planted Earth

Anonymous NY - I'm actually in an affair with my P&S camera, it's a Canon SD630. I love that lil' thing.

***To see Lan's post of her parcel, lookie here.


  1. Love your blog. It is great!

  2. Love your blog. It is great!

  3. i won! omg. my first ever. and i loved arrested development! i didn't watch it religiously but when i did catch it, i enjoyed it thoroughly. that jason bateman is so underrated!

    hope your monthly food challenges are going well! i have just two more to bang out!

  4. I have reciently found your blog and really enjoy the recipes on here. You have great pictures too.