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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

I've agreed to join in on yet another fabulously fun filled baking event this month. I promise I'll accomplish them all. Cookies, something daring, something savory and yet to be rivaled, and now something muy caliente! It's also something that helps me feel a bit nostalgic, remembering those late nights watching recordings of Iron Chef with my baba translating.

Fuki san, it's the Iron Cupcake Earth!

Iron Cupcakers are given one ingredient, and come up with an original recipe for a cupcake that'll knock everyone's socks off (hopefully) then blog about it. The cupcaker with the most drool-able concoction not only gets the satisfaction of victory, but this month, they also get some very fun prizes.

If you want to be an Ironwoman/man/person of Cupcakes, email Sandy at
with your stats "like, such as"...

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Referring Blog: Delightful Delicacies

So are you wondering what this month's secret ingredient is? Chili Peppers! I think I'll dedicate this one to my baba, since this whole thing reminds me of him in so many ways. I also can't wait to try something out that I planned before, but go too scared to do, alongside some necessary alterations of course. This will be something my mom won't be able to tell him to stop eating, or only eat a nibble of!

Now I will admit, I may not have posted publicly about my adoration for cupcakes, but I assure you, they're at the top of a long list of loves and likes. I especially love the little outfits they come in. It's like a ballerina's tutu, a perfect adornment to accentuate the allure of those little cakes.

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  1. you're not kidding! you are really busy! i just joined Taste & Create myself and i'm feeling slightly overwhelmed with all the cooking i need to do this month. no complaints tho! :)

    thanks so much for your blogging help, i *finally* figured out the whole "read more" thing.