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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

I just got back from a week vacation in Georgia.
It was so beautiful! I love the green, and the humidity. Although the humidity rarely got above 80 or 90% while I was there; it was apparently a good week to be visiting.
Anyway, that's why this post is a tad late; I had set up all my posts to publish while I was away and they worked out fabulously! Thank you to scheduled posting.

So it was hard picking a winner for my first giveaway; there were so many of you! hehe Okay really, I just liked all the answers and I'm bad at choosing and I want everyone to be happy.

However considering I wanted a creative answer, and I was grateful to anon for giving me the right answer, and I'm a softy, you all win! Email me your addy (except for Jamie, I have yours) and I'll send off your gift, a Cup-a-cake!

click here to e-mail me

It's a cannibal koi fish with an identity crisis - he thinks he's a lotus bud on Mondays and a pomegranate on the weekends!


  1. Will a cupcake make it to Canada? :)

  2. Of course! It's actually not a cupcake but a cup-a-cake. A lil' tote for your yummy cupcakes!