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Okay! I made it!
Here it is, and boy was it fun.

Thank George's Bank

This is my second challenge with the Recipes to Rival, and so far I absolutely love this group. For some reason, cooking makes sense to me. It's probably because I can pretend I know what I'm doing when I cook because it's taste this and taste that and more of this and less of that going on. So I'm confident in my cooking skills, I must get it from my mama & baba; they're both fabulous in the kitchen.

So in case you hadn't heard, Recipes to Rival is a group of cooks who get together each month and make the same recipe, whatever the host(s) choose. Then we chat about it during the month, complaining, rejoicing and relieving stressful experiences until the date decided, when we all blog about it on our colorful and individually fabulous blogs. Where do we gather you ask? Well, we've got a top secret forum that not even MacGruber could get into, unless of course he joined in on the dish making! He's out once we find him in the forum control room.

Okay on to the challenge.

This month was hosted by Belita of Everday Culinary Adventures and Lori of Lip Smacking Goodness (Lori is one of the founders). They chose a dish named "Thank George's Bank". If you want to know about the dish and get the recipe (which I highly recommend, unless you hate hummidity - more later) go to the page where Temperence put together a fabulous page.
here: Thank George's Bank

So when I write about these types of challenges I think I'll adopt/adapt how Melanie at My Kitchen Cafe throws it down.

My Method:
Umm can you say sauna? I was boiling potatoes, then steaming the fish, then poaching the eggs... The humidity level was probably close to 90% and the AC was off. Have I mentioned AJ's masochistic fascination with that yet? By the time AJ told me that the carpet felt a little damp from the humidity, he opened the front door to let out some steam. It was cooler outside than it was in our apartment! Yeah, today's high was close to 100. Haha I guess humid hot air is worse than dry hot air.

So other than that my method was pretty much how the recipe said, save a few things. The only change I made in the recipe was that I added sliced crimini mushrooms, and a second egg. The egg idea was from the comments made in the forum. For the hollandaise, I used the first recipe even though I don't own a food processor. I just used my blender and it worked perfectly. Oh and poaching the eggs... they were feathery and just.. not... right.

Reasons I Loved This Challenge:

AJ liked it! The cod wasn't too fishy, which was great because he doesn't like fishy fish. Adding the egg helped to keep the patties together, and I felt pretty proud of myself for nailing the Hollandaise sauce without ever making it before. Oh yeah.
According to AJ it was a little bland, but I enjoyed it. I don't like anything too overpowering. The hollandaise was a little too tart,

Will I Make It Again?
Sure! Maybe. Well, never in the summer; unless it's below 50 in the house. It was a bit time consuming, but they were delicious and impressive. I'd do these again if I was having company over, and I had the time.

What Would I Do Differently:
I'm not sure, probably play around with the flavorings and spices. I was tempted to add some citrus to the fish while it was steaming, but I restrained myself. Maybe I'll try using different types of fish/shellfish. I think it would be to die for with salmon. That's a fish AJ doesn't like...
I'd also want to try serving the cakes with different things, maybe keep it crumbly and crisp to serve atop a salad, or in an egg sandwich. Hmm, I may do that with our leftovers.

My Favorite Part:
Making the hollandaise! And seeing AJ's reaction. He was pleased, and half asleep.

My soundtrack: The quiet of Sunday afternoons and our trusty lil' fan.

click the pic to see everyone else's challenges!

p.s. Sorry I only have the one photo; until we get a new charger my visuals will be limited. :( I've been lucky though, my camera will stay alive just long enough to take one or two photos. I think the battery is fighting to stay alive. You go little one!


  1. I was right, that is a great picture, I am glad to hear the extra egg worked out well for you.

    I agree the spices were a little subtle, but you know that is just fine for breakfast when you aren't entirely awake.

    I feel the heat, I cooked at night as much as possible and did things ahead so it wasn't all at once, And it was still hot and humid.

  2. Thats a beauty. You did a fabulous job! Some good ideas you have there with the citrus. Some lemon juice would have been great.

  3. ha--this definitely wasn't intended for summer preparation! and the hum of a fan is a lovely choice for background noise. :)