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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

So, I'm a dance teacher. I love it so much the only problem is that the studio is quite a way away from my abode. So when I have an hour in between classes I teach, or say two hours between my last teaching class and a teacher rehearsal for our end of the year concert dance, I don't have enough time to drive home and back. Well, that and I don't want to spend the money on gas with it being as expensive as it is lately.

So usually I'll go to the nearby grocer's, and find some yummies to throw together for a dinner. Then find a lil' park or somewhere serene to munch and meditate.

The spread.

This days' meal consisted of red seedless grapes that were on sale for 89 cents/pound; baby carrots - which btw aren't real babies, just shaved down versions of adults; a bottle of Fiji water; some freshly packaged basil; mozzarella from the deli (which I don't really recommend, it was very reminiscent of the plastic cheeses that came with my play kitchen years ago); some organic chocolate with lavender and blueberries!; and some delicious artisan bread from a little bakery I love that's down the street a bit from the studio. Usually I go there, but I thought I'd change it up this time. Plus I feel strange taking pictures of my food when there's an audience.

The bakery is called Flour Girls & Dough Boys, clever eh? I love their sun-dried tomato bread with pine nuts, I paid for 2 slices and they gave me four, which was excited. As for the bakery itself, great bread, great atmosphere, great service. I give it a gold star.
Read more about it here, and here.

I made a little Mozzer-basi-mato sammy.

I got excited when I saw this chocolate was made in Ashland, OR; not too far from AJ's relatives! I love that thespian town.

It was delish although it didn't melt as quickly as I would have liked.
I like the creamy stuff.

Oh and as for finding a "serene" place... This little park was right next to the highway.
Yeah. It was difficult, finding my chi.

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  1. You are so funny.....no wonder you are so small...you don't eat.....Lavender chocolate...sick!!!!!!