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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

and my first giveaway!
shhh... don't tell AJ ;)

Okay I guess technically it's my second? I was going to give a dollar to the person who knew the answer to my movie quote question. It was from The Land Before Time, by the way. For the hoards who were dying to know. Obviously a select few read this blog because I still have my dollar! :)

Okay, ever onward.

These are a set of dishes that I grew up eating in. They are from my grandmother and are some of my favorite dishes to look at, even thought they are a bit more gaudy than usual for my taste. I never knew what the style of, what would you say, artistry/masonry? they were until I saw these earrings on etsy. They reminded me of the dishes, what with the metal embedded in strips surrounded by pretty painted designs. Then I went to wikipedia, the most accurate online pedia-like information hub ever, haha. Yeah they confirmed my discovery, the dishes are indeed Cloisonné and apparently ubiquitous, unless you live west of the Rockies and east of the Pacific.
Yes, I had to look at a map to make sure I was right.

Anyway, I am happy to have found out the technical name for them instead of "Mama Leung's pretty Chinese dishes that explode when heated up in the microwave".

Does anyone know where I could find more cloisonné-like tableware? Preferably in UT.

Oh, and if anyone can figure out what this odd little shape is supposed to be...

yeah that reddish thing.

If you come up with something clever, I think I'll send you a lil' gift. Nothing super amazingly special fantastic, but something fun. I think it looks like a Thanksgiving Turkey, or some kind of headless fowl.

Although technically I think it's supposed to be a sideways flower, I want you to use your imagination. Surprise me... Chels (because you're just about the only one that reads this silly food blog of mine:) you and me both girlfriend.

Oh, and thank you Atilla, for now eating plain rice is even more enjoyable than ever.

UPDATE: See the weiner here. No, it's not adult content....
remember... the hot dog!!


  1. It's a pomegranate!

  2. Julius said it's a fish eating eggs!!!1

  3. Those bowls are gorgeous - I love cloisonné. Since cloisonné is commonly produced in China, I would try looking in your local Chinatown for more examples. There are also several Russian and other European examples - but these may not be as easy to come by, depending on where you live.

    I think the mystery shape is a koi fish with an identity crisis - he thinks he's a lotus bud.

  4. ditto -- it's a pomegranate.

  5. i just came across your blog and noticed your question. it's definately a pomegranate and then noticed the comments and 2 people have already answered and solved it hehe. at first i thought it looked like a little red dwarf man jumping out from behind a flower but I knew that would have been just silly.

    simon :-)