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I've been blogging over at Our Sleeping Flowers these days. Still me, and still delicious, come join me!

Sunday afternoon our ward had a little Mix & Mingle at a reception center in our neighborhood called The White Willow. It's part of Provo's history and a really big old house. It's really beautiful and was a lot of fun visiting with our neighbors and friends. The assignment was for people to bring salads. So during RS I sat there thinking, what do we have?

Every Sunday morning (when we were meeting at 1pm) AJ and I had pancakes and "strawberry fluff" for breakfast. It has become a tradition. However since we haven't really kept to it with the earlier morning meeting schedule we've neglected our use of frozen strawberries and whip cream. So I knew we had some in stock. When we got home we threw together a concoction that was yummy and left an empty bowl by the end of the get-together.

creamy fruit salad

In a medium size bowl add in:
cut up apples
cut up bananas
can of mandarin oranges
can of pineapple
any other fruit you want

In a separate bowl mix together:
some whip cream (The kind that you don't have to whip)
Strawberries in Sugar, thawed (The kind you find in the freezer section in a little tub)

Mix the two together, really however much strawberry you want in the ship cream; "to taste". Sorry, I'm no good with measurements.

Fold in the whip cream into the fruit and voila!

Here are some tips, variations, and ideas:

* Instead of strawberries, mix the whip cream with some flavored yogurt. This would be good if you already have fresh strawberries in the mix.

* Mix in cream cheese to the fruity whip cream mix. This will make it thicker and creamier.

* Get an awesome chopper like I got for Christmas from my sis-in-law, it will be done in a flash, and your hubby will want to help out! (that is, if he's as easily entertained as mine)

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